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         Luoyang Jiayu Technology and Trade Co.,Ltd. was established in 2015. The company team has more than 20 years of bearing design, application and production experience.Products mainly include:high precision non-standard bearings, Large bearings,thin section bearings , special material bearings and reducers . Since its establishment, relying on Luoyang's advantages in bearing technology and manufacturing, Jiayu has been committed to providing customers with: service and technical support; product quality control; high-quality products. It has been unanimously recognized and praised by users at home and abroad.
         The company's products are mainly used in high precision CNC turntable, direct drive motor, processing center, industrial robots, automation equipment,  medical instruments, radar, aviation, aerospace and optical equipments.
         Our goal: to help customers provide effective solutions ,improve performance and optimize costs.


    Located in Luoyang, the largest bearing production base in China, Luoyang Jiayu Bearing Co., Ltd. has abundant bearing resources. Relying on the professional advantages of bearing resources of Henan University of Science and Technology and the technical support of Shaft Research Institute, Luoyang Bearing has a very high reputation at home and abroad.


    Development of non-metallic bearings and cages,and special lubrication technology .Plastic oil bearings introduced for new technology are of low-temperature-resistance, maintenance-free and cleaness.They can work in the temperature from -40℃ to 60℃。They are suitable for area where water and dust is real problem and it is very difficult to repair bearing. They are also best choice for clean environment.


    There are many kinds of medical equipments,such as CT machine,Gamma knife,medical diagnosis equipment, oncology treatment equipment,etc,which require that bearings should be of low –temperature-rising,noise-free,stable running.With four point contact ball bearing and double row angular ball bearing.


    The environment for aerospace equipment has the charactistics of low temperature, vaccum and high radiation.The bearings used in aerospace equipment must be designed with the features of higher safety and low light-weight in order to meet this harsh environment.We have developped bearings for environment where low temperature and valuum exists.These bearings tackle the problem that bearing may shrink in low temperature and can self-lubricate.They are well applied to this industry.


    The development trend for machine tools is of high speed,high precision and excellent performance.Therefore, it requires that main shaft should run at higher speed with higher accuracy,oad-holding capacity and lower noise.Luoyang Jiayu offers suitable bearing selection analysis. And then we introduce the most suitable bearing according to results.


    Precision turntables,usually occupied in precision machine tools and angular measuring instruments, are classified into three types,such as optical testing stage,digital revolving table and super-precision end gear plate rotary table.luoyang Jiayu supply customers with precision crossed roller bearing,intergral cross roller slewing bearing with gear and precision four point contact ball slewing bearings.Special bearings designed according to customers’ specific requirements are also offered.


    Robot bearing can be divided into two catagories:one is equal section thin wall bearing,the other precision crossed roller bearing. The precision and rigidity of these bearings are critical to flexibility of rotary parts and positioning accuracy.Luoyang jiayu are dedicated to provide bearings with precision up to P5.

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